Nothing wrong with 50 over cricket: Merv

National selector Merv Hughes does not think there is anything wrong with 50-over cricket and sees no reason to tinker with the format.

Hughes said the traditional form of one-day cricket, criticised for being boring and lacking context, had more substance than the instant gratification of the Twenty20 game.

His views are at odds with his employer Cricket Australia, who last Friday announced plans to introduce split innings for their domestic limited-overs tournament next season.

"A lot of people are worried that (50-over cricket) will die off but I don’t think it will," Hughes told RTE Radio.

"A lot of people like the first 15 overs and the last 10 but I’m particularly interested in the overs from 15 to 40 and the teams that do well there normally win the tight games.

"It is a game with a little bit of substance.

"I think it’s a good game as it is.

"With a World Cup coming up next year it’s important the players prepare for it the best they can."

Hughes said he did not believe T20 represented the future of the game.

"Twenty20 is all about wham, bam, thank you and move on to the next game, where it really has no substance," he said.

"I’m very much a traditionalist. T20 cricket, like we say, is instant gratification now but in five years’ time are people going to be sick of T20 and we’re going to be looking at 10-10 games just to get it over and done with quicker?

"Twenty20 certainly holds a place within the game and creates a lot of interest."


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