Government’s ‘illang kema’

The government has decided to increase the intake to the universities while it still grapples with the problem of employing past graduates.

Due to political reasons, governments (past and present) have taken over the task of giving jobs to graduates. We did not have this luxury up to 1990s. And these graduates demand high level posts and high salaries. Everyday we see in the newspapers that many services that are to be provided by the state machinery cannot be carried out due to the shortage of certain categories of officers. But these vacancies cannot be filled with job- seeking graduates as the salaries of these posts are not "graduate level".

Ours may be the only country where the government is bound to provide jobs to a certain level of personnel at a certain level even without checking their suitability for that particular job and also irrespective of the number of vacancies existing in those positions. In other countries graduates are employed at various levels depending on their individual suitability and availability of opportunities. Many of our professionally -qualified people are doing "odd" jobs in countries like Australia.

The government’s responsibility should be to provide education and create jobs not finding jobs for a certain category. If the government cannot come out of this ‘job giving’ system to graduates, it should not swell its burden by increasing the university intake.

Deshapriya Rajapaksha 

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