A tribute to the unknown and unrecognised scribes

The postponed commemoration ceremony to honour our security forces who demolished the LTTE on the shores of Nandikadal on the 18th/19th of May 2009 is scheduled to take place tomorrow. It is right that we do have some ceremony to remind ourselves of the demise of the terrible terrorist. All those spoilsports who decry this commemoration ceremony are not only unpatriotic but seem to me to be born-again terrorist supporters. A few weeks ago the Russians commemorated on a grand scale the ejection from their soil and defeat of the Nazis by their forces. They were supported in this by actual participation by the British, French and the Dutch security forces. There was none in the whole of Europe to level charges of triumphalism at the Russians. Unfortunately we do have some peculiar persons with puny minds who are hell-bent on belittling the major victory over brutal terrorism after a near thirty-year struggle. It is time to ignore these treasonable creatures to grovel in mud of their own creations and carry on with our tasks of doing what is right and proper for the country. It is heartening to know that such a commemoration is being staged by the security forces. They amply deserve all our adulations, praise and glory for the elimination of terrorists from our land. All of them, from the foot-soldiers to the officers in the top echelons of our security forces, will always remain ingrained with gratitude in the hearts of all patriotic citizens of Sri Lanka.

As usual some of us are likely to forget the enormous sacrifices made by our fighting forces to deliver us from the separatist ogre that devastated our country for nearly thirty years. This commemoration is not a mere glorification of war, blood, death and destruction. It is in fact the glorification of almost superhuman effort expended by our fighting men/women to make us all free citizens living in a land free of war, blood, deaths and destruction by terrorists. Surely this should be an indelible annual event deserving pride of place in the annals of our long history. The year 2009 was really an annus mirabilis for all of us. It should also be the sublimation of all the suffering endured by the people who were directly under LTTE’s regime. Just to mention a few; their children are now safe and in schools. The adults are no more dragooned into military training and slave labour. They do not have to pay any more extortionate arbitrarily imposed taxes to gun-trotting LTTE cadres. They are not held by anyone any more as human shields. They are a free people able to lead a life of their choice. Even the unfortunate few still in the IDP camps will be able to go back home once their lands are cleared of all mines, bombs and murderous traps which their purported saviours planted in their lands, knowing very well that it would be the Tamils who could become victims of such booby traps.

It should also be a cause for thanksgiving for the rest of the population in this country. They do not have to send their children to fight the terrorists in a do or die battle. No more body bags or maimed and lacerated adults needing lifelong medical care and attention. No more human bombs or secretly planted bombs in buses and trains and claymore mines on the wayside of highways. We can now go about our daily business with freedom and without fear of terrorist strikes.

This commemoration day also should not relegate the numerous unknown and unrecognised writers, who bravely defended their motherland against power hungry politicians, who were quite prepared to make a "regional meal" of our country, so that LTTE could be given the major share. They stood firm against, as well as exposed, the foreign interlopers with dubious agenda, who tried to divide this country by various secret deals with the terrorists. They fearlessly demolished the many untenable arguments, avalanches of black LTTE propaganda against our country and shameful proposals to appease the LTTE terrorists. They stood firmly by Sri Lanka and its security forces as bulwarks against the onslaught of the INGOs and treacherous local NGOs. They earned the odium of many pro-LTTE acolytes and were subject to insults and labelled as chauvinists, warmongers and mindless nationalists. In this respect, in the English press, the current editor of The Island newspaper was a colossus whose robust defence of our country was an outstanding intellectual contribution to victory over the LTTE and its acolytes’ propaganda. Yet all those pro Lanka scribes were right in their stance and have been vindicated by the peaceful state of the country today. In contrast, where are their detractors today? They have yet to shed their bunker mentality of envy and revenge. The other writers I have in mind are the few editors of our privately owned newspapers whose editorials stood out as beacons of hope for a beleaguered nation, rallying the masses and the security forces, to fight the LTTE to the finish. I also have in mind the many unknown and unrecognised writers who contributed to this victory by writing supportively of the policy to pursue war and the actions of the security forces. They were not war-mongers, because war was thrust on the nation by the LTTE. They were also patriots who were against foreign busy-bodies and their connivance with the LTTE to parcel this nation into pieces. Their contribution is significant and should not be forgotten. Let us therefore remember that this is a national commemoration of all those who contributed to this national victory against LTTE terrorism and affirm our pledge to preserve this country as one nation forever.

We do still have many enemies to our country both at home and abroad, therefore we need to take the Roman advice in cauda venenum, watch out for the part we cannot see, and the shameless clandestine foreign journalists looking for any excuse to denigrate this nation. Long live Sri Lanka!

Durand Appuhamy

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