Anne’s open letter to Defence Secy

Thank you, Anne Abayasekara, for NOT subscribing to "the silence of the good people" and speaking out loud and clear on the Defence Secretary’s pronouncement that traitors should be given capital punishment and on the bull-dozing of LTTE cemeteries.

As much as Lincoln respected his dead enemies, looking nearer home we have the example of Dutugemunu, who respected his enemy Elara and ordered all citizens to alight from their palanquins and carriages and walk past Elara’s grave, as a mark of respect.

I’m afraid your quotation of the Buddha’s words "hatred cannot be overcome by hatred" falls on the deaf ears. The weather gods did not permit the planned Victory Parade last month while the man who won the war was languishing in jail.

Instead of an egoistical display of power the anniversary of the conclusion of the war should marked with religious observances as so many lives were lost on both sides.

K.M Samarasinha

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