Two notorious underworld gangsters abducted

Two underworld figures of Maligawatte, notorious for contract killings, extortion and the sale of dangerous drugs have been abducted by an unknown gang.

Identified as Manjal Akram alias Captain and Ishak they were living in Nuwara Eliya and Kottawa when abducted. Police launched a search a few months ago to arrest the two gangsters but in vain

Manjal Akram took over the Maligawatte underworld leadership after Faaji was killed by the STF last year. Another underworld leader known as ‘Anamalu Imtiaz’ in Maligawatte went into hiding following a search launched by Police. His bullet riddled body was found after about six months at Armour Street, Colombo. After Imtiaz’s death Ishak took over the leadership of the gang.

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