Police arrest alleged neckless snatcher

A suspect identified as Sugathapala Rupasinghe, a resident of Dhammarama Road in Mt. Lavinia, was apprehended by the police in connection with snatching a necklace valued at Rs. 75,000 from a woman waiting for a three wheeler in Dehiwala.

He was produced before the Mt. Lavinia Chief Magistrate on Tuesday (15). The Magistrate allowed an application by PC 34879 Hemantha and remanded the suspect till June 28.

According to the ‘B’ report filed, on the day of the incident, the complainant Joyce Edna, had visited the Sampath Bank in Mt. Lavinia. On her return, while waiting for a three wheeler, the suspect had volunteered to find her a three wheeler. He had asked her to follow him for some distance on the pretext of getting a three wheeler.

When the complainant had declined to accompany him any further and turned back, the suspect had snatched her necklace and fled the scene.

Police also informed Court that a warrent had been issued against the suspect in an earlier case.

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