Give more subsidies for poultry farming - Bingiriya farmers

"If more subsidies and facilities are given to poultry farmers, we could produce enough eggs and meat to meet the country’s demand," S. M. Premaratne, President of the Bingiriya Poultry Farmers’ Association said at a meeting of poultry farmers of the Kurunegala district held at the Bingiriya Agrarian Services Centre recently .

He said that there were 14,800 large and small scale poultry farmers in the North Western Province.

Many unemployed youth wanted to engage in self-employment projects such as poultry farming. The attention of the government should be given to the poultry industry by supporting those engaged in it to eliminate the necessity of importing eggs from other countries.

D. M. Wickramasinghe, Vice President of the Poultry Farmers’ Association said that bank loans on easy terms and conditions should be granted by State banks to encourage poultry farmers. The Ministry of Economic Development should pay more attention to this matter, he said.

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