‘Prabuddha Pataka’ awards presented to
144 students in Kuliyapitiya schools

Kuliyapitiya: The National Books Development Council of Sri Lanka, awarded ‘Prabuddha Pataka’ honours for best reading to 144 students, three from each of the 48 schools in the Kuliyapitiya Educational Zone, at a ceremony held at Kuliyapitiya Madya Maha Vidyalaya. A set of English books was also donated to each school.

The Chairman of the National Books Development Council of Sri Lanka, Gunasena Vithana, speaking at this ceremony said the English books distributed were for the school libraries. The children should treat English as the best medium to widen their knowledge. "We should not be slaves of English, instead we should make English our slave," he said.

The reading culture not only among the school children but also among the elders has deteriorated. The place that books had in the days gone bye, had been replaced by the television. "That is a very adverse trend. The television introduced as a medium of education, has deteriorated the standard of education of children. That would bring a very retrogressive impact on society," he said.

"We have introduced the awarding of honours for the best readers in schools to encourage the habit of reading. If they read good books in school libraries and grasp the contents, they would be able to develop their creativity."

The Principal Kuliyapitiya MMV A. A. W. Pathiraja, Secretary, N. B. D. C. S. L. Wijitha Welagedara and Karunathilaka Handupathirana also spoke.

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