Young maverick and his lingo

A young maverick of Kandyan origin, who was till recently the blue eyed boy of the big jumbo, seems to have fallen out with the boss. Elected an MP from Colombo, this maverick, at a recent meeting where new MPs were being enlightened on Parliamentary privileges, blasted a colleague from the South over his inability to speak the Queen’s English as it should be spoken. It all happened when the youngster questioned certain clauses in the Act concerned.

A few days later the maverick was a guest at a birthday bash and was soon drunk out of his wits. He began to lambaste the big Jumbo in the choicest Sinhalese, forgetting his love for the Queen’s English. When others tried to intervene and stop him, he abused them in the same manner. As his tirade became more and more vulgar, it became too much for the other guests to stomach and they gave him the treatment he deserved. He ended up rolling on the ground after a good beating. Now all are wondering what made the big Jumbo’s blue eyed boy turn against him.

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